Friday, 20 February 2009

A call too protest - by Mandy barricades

Gob on their goujons
In these times of terror laws and increasing surveillance, the one party rule over trade unions and Student unions. The wind has been plucked out of the disaffected citizens soul. No longer can we assemble without being asked addresses, searched without reason and told to move on.

How do we fight back against the so-called political classes, as average people? Without spending weeks down the nick. How do you fight back anonymously? Yeah for the time being you can blog, but Blears and co want that shut down. How can you really fight back with the equivalent of a punch in the mouth?

One solution I have is to grog in a traitor’s tea. Whenever a politician buys foodstuffs in a takeaway, restaurant or supermarket. The disaffected could easily man handle their melons so too speak. What’s wrong with giving a tummy upset to someone who is essentially a shit bag anyway?

Someone who would happily send a teenager to a false war or let a pensioner freeze.

There was an essay year ago called digital cash. A way of arranging assassination dead pools by way of digital transfers of cash and the Internet. It had all the politicos shitting themselves.

This idea could be the real life public punch in the mouth.

Catering staff every where could be grogging in journo's sarnies, Mps' chiabattas or putting sand in mandelson's Vaseline.

Tesco's delivery drivers and order pickers could be polluting their pun nets and man handling their bananas (mandelson’s deliverer is excused this task.)

I here recently that rates of stomach bugs, skitters and sore throats have ravaged through Scotsman, North British Labour MSP's and senior civil servants from the 1970's

Wendy Alexander was heard to exclaim "have cracked the pan! and my arse is a ring of fire , so it is ....."Why not eh?this article is intended for educational purposes only.
Amemded for a dundonian houswifey.


subrosa said...

Morning Juan, I remember why I didn't put this in the Super Seven. Juan there are 12 typing/spelling errors and I didn't have time to get in touch with you before I put up the SS for this week. It's too good an article to have typos.

Firstly what are gujons?

Run the rest through a spell check but one of the errors is there which should be a 'their' then correct the other eleven!

If I can help email me. said...

Can I not get dyslexia points? Yer a tough judge, or a special catgory of me own? (wee cage with bars, beware of ranting beast....) said...

gujons are strips of meat. Eg chicken goujons...ahh I seee....... DOH!