Friday, 20 February 2009

Shock horror stats.

Kezia Dugdale has today faced a humiliating return to blogging by only securing 7 measly followers to her blog. Those followers include the notorious Scotland haters AM2 and SM753, or "rimmer" as he likes to call himself. As Am2's cyber groupie, that is an apt name come too think of it.

She is only holding level with self confessed and miscelaneous ranting loon and ordinary bloke, Juan Kerr. Even he is holding level with his blog of self confessed rantings!

This must be a blow for aspiring toom tabards everywhere. All those years selling out the people around for the chance of following your path to westminster, holyrood or the Lords and the power and rewards it brings. Towing the party line and hiding in selection meetings student rallies and working in placed jobs.

Even this week Kezia's hard efforts have included reccying halls for the Portobello selection meeting. I would have thought the Labour party these days did not require such venues,asI thought they usually decided in London?

All that hard work for a sham show.

New Labour , Smoke and mirrors.

Congratulations on the tash, Photo shop is marvelous on facial hair.

UPDATE 23-02-09: Labour central office have had a whipround, and feeling a little embarrassed their revolving candidate is looking so feeble on the blogging arena. Glad my Dugdale Disasters Emergency Appeal came in helpful.

You too can have 5 extra bloggers reading your right wing, in socialist clothing pish..... :-) , THE JUANKERR WAY!


Anonymous said...

Juan its worse than that, at least 3 of its followers are the same person, work out which ones.

Have you seen the latest persons to comment on AM2s other blog ? lmao, Buster, spoonster and Union and how conveniently none of them have a blog. The guys a buffoon. said...

Indeed, he is a bit of a nobber.

His wee Ulster unionist and welsh sycophant are a bit suspect too.

It just makes the Labour party look a bit lame when it can recruit a multi persona'd tory right wing exenophobe!

Oh how far they have strayed. The working man neds to fight back now more than ever. An Indepenendent LAbour movement needs to be formedfor independence. Not just now too split the vote. But ofor the future. The traditional Labour voters needs to embrace the SNP as I and a lot of others did. Time to say goodbye to sham artists.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Juan, lol soz at least 6 of his followers are er him.

BTW take a read at James Kelly's blog..

Alan Smart said...

hey dont knock here - size is not everything!

and she at least engaging - and can read and write - one step up the new labour food chain

And she aint Derek Draper - though sadly i reckon she'd love to be said...

Not knocking her in a blogging xense just that a well known "revolving/rotunding candidate" like her you would think would have more followers than 2 tories and an ulster unionist......

Must say a lot about the aspiring membership of the party these days.