Wednesday, 11 March 2009

BBC RUN IN FRIGHT FROM Diomhair - Scotland: vacancies exist for democratic Broadcasters?

The Stalinists within the Labour party and with co-operation with their News Wing, The BBC, have decided to pull the programme Diomhair from you tube. Despite there allready being thousands of hours of clips from the BBC allready on the You Tube site.
Too the left you will find a link to You Tube. On this link would be the programme Diomhair, in a normal democracy, unless you had something to hide, a small , gaelic language programme like this would not receive a second thought or even considered for removal from you tube.

The claim is copyright infringement.

But has it not got more to do with the fact this programme put into the public eye that Edinburgh's 'finest' police coerced vulnerable and young SNP campaigners with bombs, carried out surveilance and various other disruptive activities and the government(Labour and conservative) colluded to keep Scotlands oil wealth a secret from her people as well as ignoring results of referenda.

Do you think someone is trying to stuff pandora back in her box?

Remember these parties people. The ones who take your votes for granted, say salving words and stab you in the back and sell you short.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Citizen of the Year 2009 - So Far

Leila Deen eats the custard

"I don't want to get up early in the morning and throw custard at Peter Mandelson but I don't have a choice because democracy has failed us.

"We should stand up against people who are going to make political capital out of pretending to be green."

Gordon Taylor, who lives next door to the Deen family home in Brighton, said: "I think her mother would be proud."


Leila deens with her action of throwing custard into the face of Mandelson for the third runway project has only echoed what the vast majority of us want to do to them for their balls up and ruination of the economy and our childrens futures.



1 Packet Birds Custard
2. Milk
3. green food colouring
4. Disposable cup (Remember don't discard LID, not GREEN!!)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Goebbels said that when faced with a big problem you should tell a big lie.......

So in order to get Fred the Shred out and appear to be punishing they infact knew fine well he would walk of with his pension?
LIARS,THIEFS and CONFIDENCE TRICKSTERS are all they are. No wonder Obama is in distance mode.

Thanks to LOBBYDOG for the digging. GOOD BOY!!!!

Oh dearie me it's getting better (or worse if your ZaNulab)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Random Labour loons have access to our numbers!

Notice how prezza and the tape cuts when he mentions his name! I bet the other person told hinm too piss off! perhaps he's gone round to "sort them out"

Also not they have to ask questions supplied. I may just join the Labour party to have a bit of fun with this!naw, on second thoughts they'll make the party look more foolish than any fifth collumnist.

"Tangent Creates Online Phonebank for Labour
30 January 2009
Labour has launched an online virtual phone bank as part of its strategy to give supporters tools to campaign online. Created by leading digital agency Tangent One, the phone bank will enable members to gain access to the telephone numbers of voters in target seats, allowing them to solicit support. Members are then able to enter the results of their call back into the phone bank online.Labour said the phone bank is a key way of empowering supporters to campaign for Labour, and listen to the views of the public, without having to leave their own homes.Douglas Alexander MP, Labour's general election co-ordinator, said, "We have taken on board the lessons of the Obama campaign and the key aim of our web strategy is to give our supporters the tools they need to campaign for us both on and offline. As one example of this, the online virtual phone bank will allow our members to call voters from their own homes and enter the results of their calling directly into our database."
See further coverage at the FT website and BBC website:"

THIS IS HIGHLY DUBIOUS AND CERTAINLY CONTRAVENES LOTS OF DATA PROTECTION LEGISLATION. When people agree to be contacted, if at all asked, they assume it will be from and accountable employee not some random and dubious party member. Anyone could join the Labour party to get access to folks details.