Wednesday, 11 March 2009

BBC RUN IN FRIGHT FROM Diomhair - Scotland: vacancies exist for democratic Broadcasters?

The Stalinists within the Labour party and with co-operation with their News Wing, The BBC, have decided to pull the programme Diomhair from you tube. Despite there allready being thousands of hours of clips from the BBC allready on the You Tube site.
Too the left you will find a link to You Tube. On this link would be the programme Diomhair, in a normal democracy, unless you had something to hide, a small , gaelic language programme like this would not receive a second thought or even considered for removal from you tube.

The claim is copyright infringement.

But has it not got more to do with the fact this programme put into the public eye that Edinburgh's 'finest' police coerced vulnerable and young SNP campaigners with bombs, carried out surveilance and various other disruptive activities and the government(Labour and conservative) colluded to keep Scotlands oil wealth a secret from her people as well as ignoring results of referenda.

Do you think someone is trying to stuff pandora back in her box?

Remember these parties people. The ones who take your votes for granted, say salving words and stab you in the back and sell you short.

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Anonymous said...

What are they keeping from us Juan ? Ah yes the truth of course..

Alan Smart said...


well said - you make me sound like a moderate

but bang on - i am certain the hand of M16 is invloved. I wonder who their man or men are in the Beeb that enables them to act so speedily on what as you say was a pretty obcure progamme? Probbaly theit token lefty - always the best types to do the dirty when required

Remember that PO we used to have, the guy frae ochill said...

Hay fellas. Aye the hand of the old guard is certainly moving in mysterious ways.

In the run up to the election expect bloggers to start disapearing under the guise fo "terror" or hassled by the fine an upstandin deffenders of our rights LOL , the police.

I just hope the police realise , one day it will be their kids or grandkids. So , just like the miners. They can contribute to their own future missery and the selling short of their peoples.

If it doesnt pass the truth test, Don't do their work.

I remember the 70's the way the establishment used to work to infiltrate skinhead groups. Get wee boab around corner who grew up with them all their days, have a word, pay a stipend monthly into account, activate and develop their political education for infiltration purposes.

It's not terrorists they fear! The break up of the UK !

But it has not been based on honesty, failed the truth test and to quote an old phrase. You cant make a fine purse out a sows ear! so stop standing in the peoples way.

Aye we can , dinnae ken about the po guy. btw. wasnae having a pop at you the other week. just trying to figure where yer coming from.

Marad said...

Diomhair can still be seen on youtube.
Search for chicmac1 on youtube... voila!

brownlie said...


This programme is as incredible in Gaelic as it is in English. We can only speculate as to why it was removed. said...

Aye Brownlie, Kudos too the producers. It should have though been done for a more mainstream audience.

In a so called democratic society it is good too talk about these things openly or resentment festers. Unless they plan or still are carrying out the same tactics, to keep the union afloat.

Alan Smart said...

"Unless they plan or still are carrying out the same tactics, to keep the union afloat."

"Unless they plan????" ....Of course they ARE, right here right now. That sureley is the main lesson we must take out of this fine documentary? If the British establishment did this in the 60s and 70's, when then SNP was but a semi threatening idea, what on earth do you think they are up to now it is in Government, knocking on the door of indpendence?

Juan, i'm dissapointed in you! I mean surely anyone who has studied the history of Ireland or any anti colonial struggle against the British state knows by now what they get up to. And Scotland remains the beadrock of that Empire, indeed its last real remaining brick -we go , they go. All best are off -monarchy, commonwealth, UN Security coucil seat, "special relationship", the six counties, Gibralter, the Falklands, Wales, theri waelth and power, the lot, the absolute lot.

So what do you think THEY are up to right here and now? I'd bet my life at least one of the current Scottish cabinit is an M15 plant, at least one.( Mad? - look at the Labour Government's of the 1960s, mild social democrats, but a threat enough) And there will be dozens more, five or more MSPs, MPs etc etc, The British state is good at what it does, "the best in the world", I fear,

It is not of course you Juan I rebuke. I know you wil broadly agree with me. But it is the sheer naivity of id say 95% of nats, most decent honourable folks I despair with.

Having watched ths programme they still all talk in the past tense, " draedful folks these 1970s M15 types", Pardon me, when were they ever abolished? Who adbolished them? They brough down Harold wilson, no revolutionary, but threat enough. So was it Jim Callaghan ( their replacement for Harold), Maggie, John Major, Tony or Gordon that abolished them, told the to go home, the war is over?

Really nats - get a brain, read a book or two, At this level of sheer naivity you really have no right to be leading an independence movement. It will all end in tears big tears, becuse you have te niavity stupiddy of a proverbial 10 year old. Don't have a clkue what you are taking on

Real nationalists, real radicals will eitehr be laughing or crying.

This programme shoud be compulsory viewing for every SNP member with a final frame added - "If that was then, what are they up to now" - and this process might even out some of the plants, who will of course oppose such as "ridiculous dated and paranoid" idea

Trident said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Nut job. could you deffiecate on someone else blog please.Yet again, and in true twat with shotgun tradition you've brought someones name in and named wrong person. I will let it stay however :-)

strike 3! - The lawyers will be having a field day with you!

They can get in touch if they require evidence.

Is this why your backers are melting into the background and your howling like a banshee to get back at someone :-)
5.50 PM is a bit ealry to be hitting the bevvy.

I only provided a link to a website with a search facility. Your not that good really at this computing and legal business are you? A bit like gordon Brown, think you've got all the answers and when you get their realise you know shit!

Chortling my head off at you making a complete and unadulterated spanner of yourself. Showing the world your a nsty wee spiteful creep whilst your at it! Excellent, self character assasination!

Trident said...

Quite chilled actually, thanks - unlike you, or so it would appear.

Hmmm, what does 'deffiecate' mean?

Your fantasy lawyers are still issuing fictional writs then?

How was the ERI this morning?

wv: brachioproctic said...

Hay Aye we can, indeed and off course their still up to it. Just look at the efforts above of attempting to blow my cover. All aided and abbetted by a cohort and arse wiper too George foulkse. Too chicken shit too do the dirty work herself , so she sends her pudding bowl headed lunchtime buddy into wield the knife. Btw not comparing the gruesome twosome too MI5 btw. Kez and Cliar couldn't pass the basic standards of looks for the "agent provocateur/honey trap" section of the course for female of(type)officers, nor deductive reasoning.

But yes. Was just watching the bit on politics show today about dunfermline building society. Noticed the interview first with chairman, then recorded interview with salmond and live interview with murphy.So as Salmond could not raise factual questions based on the answers given by the chairman(and also making salmond look out of loop) and giving murphy enough time and enough rope to duck his party line type answers.

They(BBC) have an obligation to pay lipservice to things like diomhair, and I say lip service as they happily punted it into the non mainstream by doing it in gaelic. said...

no fantasy lawyers just surprised none have been in touch, hows the head? Kez round last night? Is your self esteem so low you feel the need to attempt to spray a persons details all over the net?

I pitty you. But i'll laugh when you do get sued. said...

"brachioproctic eroticism - Technical term for the slow and gradual insertion of a large object, namely a hand, fist, arm, sometimes even a foot"

I heard thats how you get your kicks, your the laugh of the cameo.

Trident said...

And in reply there was Gobbledygook; nice use of online dictionary, pity you can't get a browser with a smellpecker... said...

An intelligent reposnse from one that has egg all over their face. Are you the edinburgh cyber equivalent of vicky pollard?

Your the person who has turned an anonymous argument into an attempt to blow anothers anonimity. Using another unrelated persons details as justification. This says a lot about your unstable mental state and why people should not really entertain you. As your patently a nasty and spiteful person in real life.
I think you should talk with spook before you get yourself in more trouble and or check his blog.

Mibbe this is why your business ideals are failng? Personal issues, erratic perosnality, thinks they can do more than they actually can.

No wonder you drink. said...

Claire, If you and your cohort don't have the balls too accept comments on your blogs kindly don't post your rantings on others.

Just shows you as feeble and pathetic, as if you haven't done enough allready to convince folk of that fact.

Keep up the good work. said...

Just went to your blog Claire. Has Kez ordered you too take it offline or has the person you've been slandering finaly taken action?

Dearie me. Shot yourself in the head their and too think your still legaly liable for what you said!

I feel the slow and cautious hand of legal justice at work.

The timings funny though. At the same time kez's name come into it.

A bit embarassing if, a prospective canddidate and their 'dafty rocket' friend get caught out attempting to blackmail another poster of the net.

Doesn't sound too clever that.

Juankerr said...

"another poster of the net"

What are you on about? What does that even mean?

You are so off the mark on her ident as to be a complete scream...

Don't know where Clara has gone, but I like her new persona better, don't you? said...

Claire,You start an argument you can't win , then cack handedly attempt to blackmail other blogger, and once banned copy user identity.Very droll.How will you show your face in the cameo. Beaten gubbed and filleted by a dyslexic that you mocked. Shown up as spiteful, vindictive and arrogant.

Isn't it time you and your pal grew up?Your pal Kesia must be cringing and cacking herself. I hear the distant sounds of a political career hitting the ground and smashing.

By the way. I won the sweepstake on who could attract the most cyber stalkers.

Thanks for making me your number one :-)

Juankerr said...

Seems I am not alone - the comments on your pledge make interesting reading.

Here said...

awwwwwwww love is said...

Hows the business? Rushed of your feet?