Thursday, 19 November 2009

Internet Missile Debate - Google Stalking and Political Activism 2.0


For the hard of Hearing, politically naive and terminally f***in stupid on blogspot and Hootsmon also the general interweb and on behalf of true and sincere activists everywhere. I have compiled a little photo diary of my summer. And no, I have not gone right wing or started to stalk or attack folk schizophrenicaly(allthough my fakey's would try to ellicit that). I have been away tracking down a google stalker and "Viral networker" and mostly fishing(I think one or some of the fakes do that too….) So was waiting around for some a Carp fishy fishy........


So, if your wondering why people are trolling, starting fights, attack blogs looking like they come from certain posters, inflaming debates and injecting "white noise" on key stories in blogs, comments threads etc deliberately and with a professional zeal, then have a read. This may enlighten you.


Some high levels of professional IT ineptness and blogging etiquette where uncovered in the making of this album.


The self styled "New Media Svengali/Cyberstalker" is I believe under police advice that slander and criminal incitement are not a valid business model to pursue. Neither is attempting to cause harm to bloggers families or people.


Just goes to show. A dyslexic, and decent person from my background can umcover a sleazy business based on deceit and manipulation by ProTroll(TM) Enterprises (marketing advice free...)


I hear people are currently gnawing of arms and slipping on running spikes……


I await the usual 'paranoid' mocking and indignation from some :-)


And if anyone would like to challenge me etc off blog I look forward to your correspondence.


George Laird, Observer, Wardog, Spook were all targetted using these tactics. I did warn.

DialMforMurdoX,17/08/2009 12:10:56
Pity that Juan Kerr has a fakey. The original was amusing, this one is as satisfying as a dry hummp.

"Well done for incurring Sam the Bam's wrath on the Scotsman thread. What a singular honour!- Brownlie"

it began from 82.41.1.*** - which is a LBFED website run by a devotee of

" 'I could not dig;I dared not rob. Therefore I lied to please the mob. Now all my lies are proved untrue, and I must face the men I slew. What tale shall serve me here among mine angry and defrauded young?'"

THIS offer of harm to be visited upon another (KARMA.......NOW of many...tut...tut)

Example of a PROTROLL attack blog


The massed Flutes and Drums of the Tracey Island Defence Militia

Relates to this


How low do you have to go in order to earn a living from solicitations of violence,stalking and slander? Viral Networking....



Politics is an Ugly game

More for some than others

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" - George Orwell

Don't be google Stalked -fight back


Answers in Pictorial form.

Modern Art- The poetic justice in this piece belays a rage and fear the protagonist has presented previously. I call it Molly Mud or Molly Moods - Don't quite know yet....



Administrator said...

Welcome back old bean, I can confirm Dial M for Murdo is wholly on your side. said...

Thanks monty me old and sage friend.

Thank you for your unwavering and decent support.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Probably wireless. I know someone who makes a BIG POINT ABOUT WIRELESS NETWORKING FUNNILY ENUFF.


MURKIN!, Never fall asleep on watch!

Even from a penguin footed matahari

CrazyDaisy said...


Glad your back,

I've seen wider instances of this when I used to get briefed at GCHQ, it's amazing what can be done - although I'm very aware of it, I won't and can't discuss it.

I wonder how these Trolls would feel if they or their families were in physical danger?

A bully is still a bully in cyberspace, be they female or male, bonnie or dug ugly with their mono-brow fetchingly shaped in to two.....

Anyway, some of the modern cyber firewalls can trace these idiots quite easily, some are too technically inept to know when they've been "spiked".

We live in exciting times, you have my back.

Crazy Daisy

Phileas Blog said...

Ahoy. I can comfirm. YOU WAS SETUP.

Just look at the glaring differences from her version and the original you had on your site?

Hers has gone through multiple remakes!

What a tool!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Juanito, nice to see you're back. said...

Cheers fellas and dellas

Not been really bothering about bloggin, kinda got out of the practice. Finding out companies are involved is kinda taking the fun out of sincere debate.

Dunno if I should bother.
Or is that just giving in too easy....

I notice some sections of the wannabe and connected NAT debate that are commenting on this all have gone a bit elitist and higher echelon on their blogs.

Personally I think all politicians are a shower of sh*ts , but it's the lesser of the evils with the SNP and if it gets indpendence then bonus! We can kick them out later.

So tough sh*t your stuck with the 'great unwashed's' views.

We wag the dog, not you.

Anonymous said...

You will be aware now that Subrosa has been hounded too by a Unionist troll and has shut down her blog.

Nasty little shit that he is said...

I have tried to warn people but it's fell on deaf ears.