Wednesday, 11 March 2009

BBC RUN IN FRIGHT FROM Diomhair - Scotland: vacancies exist for democratic Broadcasters?

The Stalinists within the Labour party and with co-operation with their News Wing, The BBC, have decided to pull the programme Diomhair from you tube. Despite there allready being thousands of hours of clips from the BBC allready on the You Tube site.
Too the left you will find a link to You Tube. On this link would be the programme Diomhair, in a normal democracy, unless you had something to hide, a small , gaelic language programme like this would not receive a second thought or even considered for removal from you tube.

The claim is copyright infringement.

But has it not got more to do with the fact this programme put into the public eye that Edinburgh's 'finest' police coerced vulnerable and young SNP campaigners with bombs, carried out surveilance and various other disruptive activities and the government(Labour and conservative) colluded to keep Scotlands oil wealth a secret from her people as well as ignoring results of referenda.

Do you think someone is trying to stuff pandora back in her box?

Remember these parties people. The ones who take your votes for granted, say salving words and stab you in the back and sell you short.