Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ian Gray for a Day........

You too can be the pretendy leader of Scotland for the day with your own authentic Ian Gray signature. Use it too sign autographs, death warrants, faxes of the latest Labour MSP propaganda too Scotland's media.They will be amazed at how realistic it really is and should print without a momments checking as it came from "the boss". Wind up Andy Kerr by faxing him and saying your a fat multi chinned wonder and your a gormless tw@t, and watch him squirm..... You can even use it too scare your enemies , Just email it to Wendy and say I know about your incident in a chauffeur driven car and watch her panic and sweat and possibly wet herself......

Or even order members for the west of Scotland that they need to diet and cut down on the expenses or a message with "I would like to see you in my office now!"

Go on, be Gray for a day and have a Gray Day!
What a Gray day!
Hours of fun guaranteed.

yours sincerely