Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Hypocrisy and snide world of AM2 - A snide retreat

- Full pathetic and snide retreat by AM2 for all too see, troll up troll up, watch an orangeman go red......

"Scottish Unionist said...

I have declined to publish two off-topic, abusive and/or potentially defamatory replies: from ‘Wardog’ and ‘Juan Kerr’.

Please note that this blog has a comments policy, the overriding purpose of which is to enable animated but civilised discussion of difficult and contentious issues.

February 14, 2009 7:06 AM"

Yeah says you AM2, people asking you too explain how you can call another rascist from a perspective of being a anti catholic and ti islamic bigot? Wuite happy to slander the people as abbussive yet not show any evidence.

It is ok, as you are too cowardly to give right of reply I will post on my own blog to highlight yet again your inability to be honest.

Your extremely sad and creepy


Scottish Unionist said...

You accuse me of slander and want me to provide evidence that people are being abusive. OK then; I’ve let your post through. I think it’s evidence enough!

You’re calling me anti-Catholic, anti-Islamic, a bigot, cowardly, dishonest, sad and creepy. But such allegations are off-topic, defamatory and abusive – exactly the kind of thing the comments policy is intended to discourage.

I really can’t be bothered refuting your baseless nonsense, but for the record my wife and kids happen to be Catholic and my concerns about the possible motives of people such as Osama Saeed and Mohammed Sawalha in no way indicate any kind of anti-Islamic agenda. I am opposed to bigotry of every type and value honesty above everything. Your other allegations don’t even merit a reply.

Now, as I said to Wardog, please don’t waste your time posting here until you can find it in yourself to be civil. I’m not prepared to take the time on a daily basis tackling these malicious comments and accusations.

Juans reply too hiding behind comments policy(wit a dobber):

"So it is ok for you too slander with a broad brush , but when it comes too your own clear failings your a coward.

Who gives a toss about your comments policy, it is only there so as you can have excuse to duck people asking questions of you. Your as yellow as urine stained snow,Aye that about sums you up chump.

I take it the catholic wife is an addition to your "persona" , frigging freakshow!"


Anonymous said...

Alrighty Juan, i know where you are coming from. I gave up commenting on his blog because on a few occasions he refused to publish my comments and i find his blog so offending that i have stopped following it.

His continues creepy remarks against the SNP is so sickening im beginning to think the guy has a problem ans needs help.

I have banned myself from reading or commenting on his blog full stop, i suggest you do the same.

Half the comments on his blog are made up. SM253, Indy and Scotleag are just him commenting.

subrosa said...

Sensible move Spook. I stopped visiting it a few weeks ago, wouldn't give the individual the pleasure of getting one hit from me now.

If we all didn't read his rubbish then he'd wither.

He's the most hateful type of person and thinks he's being the big unionist. Really he's just pathetic. Ignore him.

Anonymous said...

"If we all didn't read his rubbish then he'd wither"

What into a little orange sash ?

Conan the Librarian™ said...

AM2 refused to post a comment in which I said

"SU,of course you only ever posted as AM2"