Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Could this explain the Scottish press' editorial obeyance to New Labour mantras?

Could this little snippet of how the Labour party , using government resources, keep Scotlands chattering classes sweet and onside?

Courtesy Guido Fawkes:

Scottish Dead Tree Scribblers Flee the Press
Guido doesn't usually do local, particularly not local Scotland. However this is a bit too fun to ignore. Some thoughtless council official has made the mistake of putting this minute on the North Lanarkshire council website and it has put into the public domain the entire short list of applicants for the job as their Head of Spin.
Looks like there is a rush to get out out of the Dead Tree Press and into the safe harbour of the public sector with easy hours and gold plated pensions to accompany the job security.

"J. Allardyce" must be Jason Allardyce, associate editor of the Sunday Times Scotland.
"A.F. Carlin" could be Tony Carlin, Group Content Editor of Herald newspapers
"J.B. Currie" could be Brian Currie, former Evening Times’ political editor and now group political editor of Herald newspapers
"S. Dalgety" is probably Susan Dalgety, former Labour councillor and now of Holyrood Communications PR firm
"T.J.J. Little" must be Tom Little, Scotland on Sunday columnist
"S. Penman" is almost certainly Stephen Penman, currently Deputy Editor, Sunday Herald
"K.C. Symon" sounds like Ken Symon, currently with public affairs company McGarvie Morrison MediaOne surprise, "J.P. Murdoch" - surely things can't be that bad....


Anonymous said...

So this is what Labour is up to then, what happened to Gordon Brown ? Did he become Mr Jobby, ach Labour they stink. said...

Aye using grace and favour safe jobs too get your buddies in the media fighting like cats in a sack for cushy jobs. Divide and have them dance too your tune!

Dance monkeys , Dance!

Key bored warrior. said...

Rats and sinking ships spring to mind, they have only themselves to blame.

subrosa said...

Aye they're all running as fast as they can into the cushy numbers which they know will give them a great pension. said...

Indeed they do, now their wares are no longer worth a penny.

Bought and sold for English gold to quote a famous revolutionary poet.

How can you have perspective on Scottish independence if your political journalists are English and union biased? Maddox, Barnes, Hamish Mc Soundey Scots.

Meanwhile the few Scottish journalists employed are doing the "Hume and Smith" and despising their Scottish idenities and accents. Trying to out union the English journos with slavvering obedience too the Labour cause, thinking they can still conjure up it's socialist heyday too salve whats left of their leftist consciences. Meanwhile getting into the cushy jobs like Douglas Fraser before them.

Clean out the lot. Politicians, Journalists the lot.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

I think we should run a book on how long the "Scottish" dead tree press (Guid yin Guido) survives? said...

In this day and age it is easy to start an online alternative. If there are any out of work journos out there with fair and balanced reporting skills then I havee the resources? :-)