Friday, 13 February 2009

Am2 and his one sided wee world.......

Margo justifies anti-Englishness
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Hat tip to O’Neill, without whom I might have missed this alarming remark by Margo MacDonald:

“Rude expressions of resentment against England or the English doesn't [sic] strike me as being anything other than the sometimes frustration, sometimes justified anger and sometimes envy felt by smaller countries towards a bigger neighbour. This phenomenon can be witnessed between Portugal and Spain, Norway and Sweden, Austria and Germany.”

"So, you despise catholics and followers of islam from your repeated writings of disdain for both. Why dont you do an essay on your onw prejudices ?

Have a nice day

will publish on my blog incase your too chicken to answer like your pal Kesia Dugdale."


subrosa said...

Juan I never give this bloke the time of day now. He'd call a toilet roll racist if he had the opportunity. Of course this is another 'quote' taken well out of context. He's had a mate to help him find it - sad that people are so desperate to misinterpret the words of others.

He should look at Wardog's blog. Get some good quotes there from his hero Gordon. said...

Aye but Am2 only likes quoting in a slective fashion as well as use scrawlings from the side of his shed as evidence of rascism. As I say, for a man who has allready shown his disdain for catholics and muslims he is a bit of an arch hypocrite.

And an extremely scarily sad wee beastie too.