Thursday, 26 February 2009

Real Help for Business - My Arse!

Page 28 some phone numbers to be told they can send you too a feng shui workshop and networking event.
Page 29
"Freeing up bank lending: action behind the scenes
The Government is working with UK banks and the European Investment Bank to maintain existing lending and make more available to small and medium-sized firms.
The Working Capital Scheme will secure up to £20 billion of working capital credit lines for ordinary risk companies with a turnover of up to £500 million a year, so ensuring that they are safe from reduction or withdrawal. It will also free up capital which the banks must use for new business lending that would otherwise not be available.
With the European Investment Bank, the Government has helped UK banks to negotiate credit lines of more than £4 billion in order to provide loans to small and medium-sized businesses – £1 billion of which have already been made available by banks.
Both the schemes above are for banks, not individual businesses, to apply to. They aim to make more credit available, which businesses can then benefit from. "

So in other words sod all for businesses, and plenty for banks to refil their bare treasuries.

Real help my Arse as Jim Royle would say.


Anonymous said...

The UK Government have abjectly failed to help SME's and more importantly start-up businesses.

Browns' dithering, Darling's fidgeting and Mandelson's snide media manipulation marks these characters as they shallow non-entities that they are.

It's Time

Anonymous said...

Adam Ingram knows how to help business. said...

It's time indeed wardog and Cybernat. They have never had to earn a penny and the very fact the are incapable of showing financial support throughout all the years of their goverment has only worsened the state of play we are in now and shown them for the fiscal incompetents they are.

They are quite simply inept, a glowing example is the Chungwa factory in fife, 1 billion of subsidy, no company capital built sod all. Labour and Scottish enterprise prefer the glittering 500 jobv burger flipper projects not the 2-5 people small ventures and the development spin offs they provide.

No wonder their is nothing in the pot.

brownlie said...

If there's any help for small businesses it is not apparent in this area. The only shops appear to be fast-food, pound-stretchers, super-drugs and they are all out-numbered by charity shops and empty buildings. This is in the one of the most "affluent" areas of Scotland. said...

Brownlie thats labours attitude to economics, give all the money to bankers, stick all your eggs in the city , surround yourself with fund managers and neglect every other area of business!