Friday, 12 December 2008

Brown and Scotland's betrayal - Expansion on comments in hootsmon

If you asked the average English person they would say fair do's if Independence is what you want then fine, good luck and if you need help just ask. Unfortunately Brown is the worst of quislings. Showing his loyalty the hardest by poison pilling his own country.

After seeing that, I am sure patriotic English people comfortable of their identity and wanting too keep it, as we are our Scottish identity. Will not want a viper like that any more than we do.Britman Brown the superhero.
Anyone able to do that with intention, is a sleekit, lowdown nasty piece of work.And should be without a country and put on a fcucking watch list as potential Evil Bastards.Willing to sell millions of people out for his own aims.
Time for the gloves too come of Scotland. Fight anyone who will accept that disgusting behaviour, they are no good to Scotland, no good to England, No good to Wales or NI! Perfectly willing to trade his fellow man for his own furtherance and spite.
Brown is a hoar too his own ambition, the lowest of the low , the creepiest of the lot. If he was asked to kill his child to win the deciding seat he would do it in the blink of an eye. he is a dirty rotten little sh!t of a man.
the country of his birth is Scotland. He should not intentionaly poison it's potential to kill of peoples ancient vestments, heritage and future ambition. It was Scotland's before it was britain's.
I hope English people take this as a nod too a future term of Brown and what he would willingly do to win. He would and is currently doing his utmost to spend the countries future, no expense spared for his next term. He is a Mugabe in waiting.
No doubt.


Anonymous said...

Good piece of writing Juan. Its clear Scotland's biggest enemy is home grown and what a pity that is. I hope the good people of England see through the guy and persucute him at the polls. They dont deserve him but at least in Scotland, Wales and NI we all have a bit of water between us and Brown, ie our devolved parliaments said...

Aye until his plans to creepingly strip it of any meaningful power comes into play next parliamentary session.

McGonagall said...

These bastards have a lot of people frightened - that was their intent. Folks with mortgages and jobs that could disappear. Folks with wee businesses with prospects grim. They are putting their faith in Broon and his creepy sidekicks. There is no choice at the moment as Labour are the only ones offering salvation - such is power when you control the economy .

Broon is just finishing up what Thatcher started and soon everything will be privatized. AMW believes that our parliament gives us a buffer against Broon's excesses. Murphy, however, has the power - so far unused - to override anything Holyrood does. And with Calman in the wings waiting to put the boot in - we have a fight coming soon. said...

Well said Scunnert. They are wilfuly using the benefits system and council/government jobs(e.g. the threat of removal/loss under tories) to cajoule people into dependency on them. The slow slippery slope to one party rule.

Anonymous said...

Have a great christmas juan..

Anonymous said...

Persecute? He can't be persecuted, he's made of asbestos and came cheap from Taiwan and is wanted by Furby collectors and rento-kill, he's the very evil cheese you have nightmares aboot, gettim gone quick (don't tell me off I was caned at skool)